Pakistani politicos much better than their Indian counterparts

Though brazen as it may sound, i ask my dear readers to bear with patience, and hear out my voice. i still abide by the statement i made, and am very sure that the skill of statesmanship which is so much lacking in the indian representatives, is something which the leaders from the neighbouring country is well versed in.

though the father of statecraft Chanakya, was born in this nation, it is most likely that the actors playing the lead roles of indian democracy, failed to take a cue or two from the great master’s book. as it is rightly said: “ghar ki murgi daal barabar” which when transliterated into roman verse would read “chicken at the house is most likely to be consumed as pulses when in drought” or the value degradation. it may also have happened that the great books of the old masters must have slipped and fell into the rivers while being carried to delhi, so that the poor actors could learn a line or two. the rivers then must have transported the books to the most fertile lands of india, punjab, where five rivers used to flow carefree, and the rivers must have imbued the knowledge of the books deep inside it.

the sons of pakistan, in the post independence era, must have toiled hard to make their country another golden bird, and the rich waters of the erstwhile punjab, must have reaped their statecraft in good harvests, as it must have suffused the imbued verses of chanakya.

how else do i force my mind to believe, that the indian “palabo” minister after threatening to attack the poor neighbour friend –the home media of which has been for so long crying a foul play regarding 26/11, and claiming it is we damn diabolical indians who are planning to ruin the poor country’s image wordwide– has done nothing except shouting. Ahh!!! you might be wondering what is this “palabo”?

haha, dont worry i’ll explain it to you. it is actually a famous joke. it so happens that once one sardarji so proud of his brothers being part of the brave sikh regiment, asks one of his friend ” oye yaara, how come there is sikh regiment, and regiments of all other regions, but not a single bengal regiment?”. to this his friend answers that once there was a bengal regiment during the british period. it so happens that once the troops were taken to a battlefield on orders of a firangi officer. the leader of the bengal regiment (he was a bengali of course) approaches the firangi officer on seeing the enemy troops and asks “sir, palabo?”. the officer doesnt answer him..”sir, palabo?”
the officer dint knew bangla, and thinks this brave bengal regiment officer is asking the permission to attack the enemy. he felt so proud to lead such a regiment, that he decides to wait till the enemy comes in too close, and then let his boys unleash wrath on those wretched enemies. so he waits, and as soon as the enemy nears them, he shouts with all his strength “palaaabooooo….”–he shouted in their native tongue thinking the troops would be morally more high— and what happens???
the whole troop runs away from the field!!!! actually the bengali officer was asking palabo or “to flee”…. since then, the sardarji’s friend said, a bengal regiment has never been instituted.

the above joke has been a common say in our region and it is generally believed that bengalis are a bit too timid to engage in fights. i believe our defence minister is just setting up an epitome of the protagonist of the joke. he has done nothing to create terror, or i say why only create terror, we should have just started an all out war with the bloody neighbour.

i shall write more on the above and the matter of indian politicians in due time, but let me bring to your notice a simple small incidence which went largely unnoticed by the indian think tank. the pressure that was continuously building up on pakistan, by force of the U.S. governemnt, was so smoothly channeled to vent out its own anger against america, as well as to put away the pressure to act on terrorism.
after weeks of continuous hassling by the indian goverment, america too forced pakistan to take ground actions against the notorious militia, and not just give assurances to act. what pakistani politicos did in a showmanship of amazing statesmanship, which let truth be told left me in an awe of their skills, is that they removed their army force from the afghanistan pakistan border, towards the punjab region. “dekh ke mauka, maara chauka…” yes, and seeing this great opportunity, the taliban blew and captured around 100 of american vehicles, supplying food and other resources to the american army. this way pakistan vented out its anger too.
(now, america is the baap of all statesmanship. i believe they mastered it from the texts of the renaissance chanakya or the great Italian master Machiavelli. maybe americans supplied the venerable texts to pakistan along with the arms and ammunitions. so you see, they “the neighbours” are well versed in early as well as renaissance political skills!!!)
believe me americans are so patriotic, they wont let a fly of their lands die on other soil, let alone keeping their soldiers hungry. after this incidence they soon changed their stand, and have been asking their little puppets in india to stop wailing and end the fight…”chhodo yaar, jhagda khatm karo…”)

it depends on india now. america will indeed try to stop the war by threats of so many strings attached via loans, monetary aids, or by simply putting an embargo with other nations.  “khana, tel paani band…sab seedha ho jayega”
its time now to be gutsy. now or never. if the flame ignited in the hearts of common people is extinguished by our palabo ministers, then we’ll be doomed forever in our own eyes.

i love the fierceness of israelites. yes the great jews. 9 of their athletes were killed in munich olympics. it instantly recruited a task force no weak than S.W.A.Ts, to find the culprits till they are dead. one of the terrorists who killed the athletes was tracked to be in brazil at the age of 70+. he had been hunted for more than 40 years. the special task force group dint wink twice to execute the culprit. this is what is called “An Eye for an Eye”.

sorry gandhiji, this time it won’t make the world blind.

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3 thoughts on “Pakistani politicos much better than their Indian counterparts

  1. Pranam Bhaiya,

    First of all welcome to blogging 🙂
    and this very blog i guess is real nice and with typical Prasant-o-cyclopedia touch 😛
    Well i too believe its the time to forget all this diplomacy and to take “an eye for an eye”.
    But i have some doubts. Suppose we intrude into Pakistan. What next?
    Dont you think we will trap ourself, like US in never-ending-war-of-casualities?
    See, i am not pro-terrorism. I firmly believe that it should end. But i think we should not take rash decisions which may backfire. We should cool-down our heads.
    First, it was the failure of our Intelligence Agencies who failed to track them.
    Secondly, too much political interference in matters related to the national security. Here i am pointing towards controversy over hanging of “Parliament Attack Mastermind” and Abolition of Prevention Of Terrorism Act(POTA).

    I think if we really want to counter terrorism, we must unite together in this fight against terror. Government, instead of making daily press announcements and top-level executive meets, should focus on robusting our internal security arrangements. Intelligence agencies should be given more powers and Anti-Terror laws should be made more strict. Special fast-track courts for decinding cases related to terrorism must be formed to get rid of our habit of “raat gayi, baat gayi”.
    Above all if we really want to send strong message then we, the people of India should show them our strength as a single united India, by not playing in the hands of Extremists. We should not sit at our homes,praying and sms-ing.
    In the end, i really liked the title “Pakistani politicos much better than their Indian counterparts”.
    Atleast they dont rely on false hopes of support from international community and UN, though they are again mere puppets in the hands of their own Army.

  2. Well really liked the blog as you have showcased some real good incidents to prove your point…..and yes the politics of pak seems to be a step ahead than our own canopy of politics lets say chupe rustum…one day or the other things have to end….system needs to be changed…a lot has to be done…..
    a real awesome blog…keep blogging and bring such ideas into the limelight……….. [:)] [:)]
    adios [:)]

  3. hahaha look… i havent read any thing above ……….. but m sure its sec six screwers version word press ……….
    lage raho bhayia!!!!!!!!

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