Soul of Darwin

Here’s a page from my diary..


quoting the above verbatim:

” It’s a warm sunny afternoon. the weather is clear. the zephyr blows coolly over the air. i shall leave today. this soil, my birthplace. i want to explore a new world. a new horizon. i want to see the green light at the end. it’s said i can see it in the pacific. just as the sun takes a dip into the sea of night. The Green Light. that holy grail of god’s beauty.

i mounted today on the ship. HMS Beagle. its going west. the zephyr continues to blow.

it’s two months since i left. weather is hot. and yet peaceful. the sea is still. as if taking a siesta. it welcomes us all. This is pacific. at the horizon i see an island. serene and beautiful.
it’s close to us now. captain is anchoring the ship. we all step down. the virgin beaches. the soft sands. this place is amazing.

i can locate it now. on my map. i shall call it Galapagos.


i have been on this island for months now. seen wonderful animals. of new kinds. of new species altogether. this place is wonderful. never seen such a menagerie. it’s the perfect place to study animals. i have done bit of my own too.

i feel this place is completely secluded. out-of-bounds from other human factors. nothing seems to be disturbed. no human or natural intervention. life has taken its own course here.
things have developed on their own. i have seen many groups of animals. all similar yet distinct. you see one and you feel deja vu. but no. it’s not the same. look closer. it’s as if this one took birth from the last one i remember. as if it has “EVOLVED“.

subtle differences. gross differences. intermediates. yes. you can follow these animals. and feel them metamorphose. one into another. its like the jigsaw puzzle. you fit them all into a sequence. i spotted one here and one there. seen so many of them. and now fit them all into the puzzle.
its clear to me. i can trace them back all to a common ancestor. they all must have come from this one native. logically then, couldn’t we have ALL come from a common ancestor too?


its five years since i left home. i miss it. the warmth of the home. the family. i am on my way back. i shall reach there soon.

i have pondered a lot. over what i observed at Galapagos. it is questioning the presence of god. it seems he left it a long time ago. i couldn’t possibly think of how life came there. maybe God did give birth to life there. but what about then? things seem to have been on their own. life has evolved on its own. by hit and trial. it dint know which path to take. it has tried to manifest into all possible forms. yet few seem to have survived. its like, its like each form was competing to another. like a dire need of survival. yes. like as if it is “Survival Of The Fittest“.
which won, lived. proliferated. metamorphosed into a new form. better than before. which lost, perished… ”

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