Slumdog Millionaire: were its Oscar winnings a sham

The huge appreciation of the movie, and the accolades it has been showered, only pillories the bias west has developed towards us. The movie though i agree and reaffirm is brilliant from a classroom presentation on cinema, and cinematic procedures of cinematography, narration, and the promos, but it has no links to any basis of reality whatsoever. The awards i believe were to bring the movie into highlight for a world audience, so that a negative feeling towards an india as a “nation of beggars and snake charmers” is reinvigorated in the minds of “gora-sahibs“. The growing concerns of a rising India and the fear in the minds of people amid our rising strength has been attacked very systematically by hailing a false fact putrefying India’s image with lots of Oscars. Had it been not given so many awards, not much of world population would have watched this movie.

After all, why hasn’t India been able to produce any beauty queens like Miss Worlds after 2000. i mean within 10 years we were able to produce Miss Universe, Miss  Asia Pacific and a string of Miss Worlds, and yet our beauties have all of a sudden disappeared? The contests are very well-known to be run by the cosmetic industry. And once they wanted to penetrate India’s market when it opened its doors to the foreign companies, they lured Indian consumers towards cosmetics by awarding beauty crowns and installing faith in themselves towards buying their products sub consciously. Note that no developed nation’s girls ever become Miss Worlds. Only the markets the company are about to explore are the winners. The reason for a shower of Oscar is pretty much evident too and exposes their intention.


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