Trip to San Francisco

Me and a bunch of my friends visited San Francisco yesterday. The moment we took steps out on Main Street of Embaracadero, the locality near the bay area of Fisherman’s Wharf, the first expression on everyone’s face was that of amazement and the first words coming out of our mouth were “Wow… what a place!!”

All the visions of an American city conjured up till date, after watching so many movies, series, and news, were truly represented by the skyscrapers in and around Embaracadero. The spick and span boulevards, public restrooms, and good-looking street vendors and artists…it all amazed and took us off guard of what we could ever dream a city to be. It’s aptly put in a Chinese verse “you learn more by walking a mile, than reading a book a mile long…”

The vision, the outlook, the thinking, everything changes after a new visit. That’s why cultures emphasize so much on travelling and learning new things. Being in India, I could not have ever felt how different parts of world fare for themselves. It’s only by seeing that my mind in some sense truly grasps an understanding of how things truly are. They might not be an expert’s view, but still the confidence of knowing things at the first-rate is amazing.

San Francisco or SF is a big city in terms of area, but not in terms of population. The population is only around a million, much less than any big city of India. Yet the city is so well planned and structured, that it lures you at the first sight to make it your home. The buildings look awesome. It seems as if all the neighboring buildings were built-in consult with each other, and as if the architects were all designing the buildings keeping in mind the structure and look of others around it. The whole lot of them can be beautifully captured in a panoramic view from the opposite bay area, capturing in essence the rise and power of American skyline. The entire beautiful tall slender cohort structures dance in concert dressed in glassy veils amid a sparkling sunshine.

Though SF has a lot more to offer like China Town, Bay Bridge, etc… but we spent our day roaming in gay and jolly atmosphere, in the Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s the most famous tourist spot of the city and attracts a huge crowd. In the words of Oscar Wilde describing the crowd at Wharf “I have never seen so many well-dressed, well-fed, business-like looking Bohemians in all my life” .

People truly enjoy themselves at the most enticing experience they get on offer to the bay visit. Singers were playing jazz on the street and the rappers truly stole the show with their amazing dancing skills.

(click below for a video of the street dance)

Street dance at Fisherman\’s Wharf, San Francisco

The market on the seashore is great, as well as the bargain in the shops. There is a great aquarium showcasing various sea creatures as well. Yet, the most famous of the Wharf were the sea lions, thronging in hundreds of number, to soak in sun on the floating decks made specially for them (they smell horribly bad though).


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