“Hello..” a smile follows.

“it is too chilled out here”

“Yeah i agree.”

“well, you are the most beautiful girl, i have ever met”.

blush. “That’s a cliche! try something different”

“well, i am the cutest, smartest, most fun guy you’ll ever meet…”

laughs hysterically..” ha ha ha… this attitude and you think you are fun. blah!”

she lights a smoke. offers “do u want one”

“NO. thanks. but i don’t smoke”

“!!!! c’mon. you are a guy”

“excuse me! do u think all guys smoke”

“Yeah. after all its the most manly thing. ”

“so, you are a tomboy after all”

the face reddens. “for girls its elegance. don’t try me, that you don’t like girls smoking.”

“well, it makes good celebrities. just to cringe for. it doesnt make so much an impact in real life”

“so, i do not smoke. that makes me unmanly!!?”

“No!! no no.. its just the usual perception. after all, why dont u. when everybody does”

“so why do you? coz everybody does?”

“i know what you mean. . . but i am not lamb. i dont know why i started. .. now its just part of me”

“never thought to kick it?”

“ha ha.. its hotel california dear!”

“i know”

“is it why, you never picked it up”

“No…No…umm… i dont know. i just never felt trying it out”

“it feels relaxing you know.”

“like Ostrich!”

“you are rude!” “i agree it helps in that too… but its not only that. it gives satisfaction.” “like right now. chilly weather, and a Marlow in your hand”


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