Satyameva Jayate

What an awesome series started by Aamir khan productions. Anchored by the man himself, the show is perfectly delivered as is the panache of Mr. Khan. It is generating generous reviews across the board for various facets – initiating the talk of a sensitive issue to ignite the broad mass, well documented research from various sections: NGO people, Gynecologist, government Protection Officer, and most importantly the victims themselves. The grossness of the crimes committed against them is repulsive and could be very shocking and eye opening to many – especially the Gen X living in metro cities.

I wish to discuss here the powerful media tool this initiative can become. And as they say – “with great power comes great responsibilities”. The series is going to be watched by more 10 million viewers at the safest estimate; viewers who have cable television in their home at the least and hence who are from the upper pyramid of the Indian society. This series can serve to unite the nation in a way this particular section of  people have been desiring for a long time; it perfectly delivers what so many educated youth have been demanding of late, but for the lack of a renowned face supporting their cause and giving motivation. Amir is that face. He is well known and respected in the industry for his methods. Most importantly people associate well to him with awe and respect. Hence he can be the crowd puller – the face to which everyone easily feels connected.

The only thing I felt missing in the first vignette was absence of participation of people/researchers/material from south and east of India. More or less this covered everything from Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana. Given the high alert situation of female foeticide in this particular region it could be that they took bigger share of the air time. However, the south and the east are also gripping with such problems at more or less similar scale. Absence of footage from the locals, would fail to connect people from those geographies in the scale it could and should. I believe a more holistic research documenting such menace from across the nation will serve and underpin the purpose much well…

Let us see how this series unfolds over the time. Meanwhile you can watch it full at


Satyameva Jayate Episode 1 – Female Foeticide


4 thoughts on “Satyameva Jayate

  1. I guess the situation in East & South is better than North & West. East by far is the best across all regions in India when it comes to the status of women. Hypothetical reasons could be education & culturally inclined family values system there. In fact the society in some of the north Eastern states are women dominated. The situation in south was equally bad but it has improved over the years. Again, I guess education has played a major role.

    North is the worst and hence the show seemed focused more on this area.

  2. @bhuwan: I definitely agree that the North is the worst affected and hence constituted the bulk of the show’s material, however I concur differently on the idea of education being the prime factor. In fact the show itself seems to conclusively prove, contrary to the general belief, that educated masses are more intwined in this wretched practise.

    I believe primarily it has always been the cultural difference – North being much more chauvinistic. The lady gods in Hinduism are more or less borrowed from the East of India -Maa Kali, Maa Durga et al. and hence the matriarchal society there at. Hence the issue is not education but the ingrained cultural thinking and lack of adequate respect towards females.

    However, what I suggested was that this show holds much potential to bring the nation together across similar thoughts. Let us not fail to draw together our brothers and sisters from other parts of India for lack of representation. Bollywood and Prime time TV serials on national channels are well known to be biased towards the audience of North. Though the South and East Indians still watch it for entertainment value, the involvement is much less….

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