We wrestled you from God, for we loved you. But twisted meanwhile.

We wrestled you from God himself saying we loved you more, that your time has not come yet. But then we systemically broke you, left you in a lurch and then dumped you in a limbo.

You were the favored child, whom he did not want to keep away for long, and called you back sooner. You were on your way, traversing the metaphysical planes, leaving the earth to enter into his kingdom. This time the tunnel was not the Hogwarts 9 3/4, but that twisted hit with a truck while you rode a bicycle, or that auto that sucked you in like a black hole, while you walked on, to transfer you quickly – a wormhole it was. But no, we fought with the god, saying you were a loved one. And we needed you more here, for some more time. For your intelligence and beauty. Some of you were the best consultants I ever came across, and one of you an economics genius. So god gave you back to us. Like every father does, when the baby cries for that wonderful playmate – favored toy. And what did we do? Broke you, just as every baby does when he gets that toy back…


There needs to be an awakening of civil consciousness in our society for the specially abled/disabled people. Getting above the political correctness, and time for some action.

Recently, a flyover was built near my college, that has caused severe blues to people without sight, due to overlooking on the decision makers part. One message has been hammered in my managerial studies – never ever overlook the impact on stakeholders, and they may come from all directions. That’s what makes a manager’s job real difficult.

Link on the flyver and pain it causes to blind people

Link on a recent fiasco in Rajdhani Express causing great hurt to a paraplegic

But, finally something good to share – a mannequin designer’s attempt to bring out the real beauty in each one. It’s heartwarming to say the least, and forces you to think with new perspective. Please do think. Beauty is not the anorexic size zero, or photoshopped freckle-less face, it’s in your appreciation.



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