About Me

Rambling in search of truth. Just like Faust.

I hail from the small town of Hazaribagh beautifully nestled in the naturally endowed regions of Chhotanagpur Plateau. It’s a laid back city with a multicultural demographics. As such the society is a very closely knit one, and relationships are valued a lot. I believe this would be the reason that explains my deep interest in movies especially of art genre. I love watching award winning and acclaimed movies very closely, and exploring the relationship dynamics of the characters. My passion has led me to attend several film festivals in addition to having the IMDB Top 250 movies and some of the best international films from France, Italy, and Russia in my collection. Additionally , in my spare time I love to muse about rare things such as origin of Ampersand, the implications of the statement ‘sound of silence’ and the evolution of Cities. Sometimes, I try to pen down these thoughts on this and other blogs.



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