On Origins of Orthodox Christianity in Russia

For long I had been perplexed about the reason why Russia after all adopted an Orthodox Christianity, and why it has been alienated from the rest of the Europe for following the same. The answer is somewhat cleared by the fact that while the mainland Europe was under tremendous influence of the Pope via Holy Roman Empire, Constantinople always followed its own rules, maybe on the might of strength of wealth based on trade and commerce, and followed a different religion called Orthodox Christianity. Russia had been for 1000 years trying to get Constantinople for itself (which apparently it got after the Great War of 14 years in early 20th century and lost soon after) – probably to increase its presence in the region to establish a safe route for passage of its goods for trade, it adopted the Orthodox Christianity from Constantinople. Note that just as it’s the winners who write their own version of history and if need be by palimpsest, the mighty Christianity of Rome declared the Orthodox interpretations as Apocryphal – or not genuine!


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