On free Media and AIB Roast

Well, this is the ultimate onset of free media, some would say.

Yet, to me this is like a death knell of everything we try to uphold right by social observances of appropriate behavior.

In no mean words I would like to express that the video below (as some would suggest should be watched only by 18+) is horrendously sickening, filthy, and gut wrenching – a crass format of comedy based on abusives, expletives, and physical jestering. It’s the format of Vaudeville’s, a type of variety show, only that the bollywood industry’s who’s who has been roped in on the promises of money. This is akin to selling of the soul to the devil – the Faust. Atleast Faust sold it for the sake of knowledge, not money. Imagine young kids who think of bollywood actors in India to be there role models, what imprints would be left on their minds? Wasn’t the most stupid series like Roadies or Splitsvilla enough corruption of the mind?

They call it the ‘Roast format’ inspired from New York 1949.
But here is where I would remind of Gandhiji – “I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be stuffed. I want the cultures of all the lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible. But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any.”

There’s no glory or sense of development of bringing such ‘free media’ which is only going to bring social standards down. Where’s the end to this? For those who are feeling this as a new development on the horizon, I will tell you where it will end – go and check out Howard Stern shows. Are you still comfortable with India being such a place?

While there are people putting their bloods and tears in creating something meaningful, is it shows like these or movies like dabangg that we will let survive?

Only today I was discussing once we had great shows like Mowgli, Potli baba, Mirza Ghalib, Dekh Bhai dekh, and Alif laila. What we have replaced them with? Big boss?

People like Anand Gandhi are creating movies like Ship of Theseus, and still struggling for funds. While a salman starrer walks with 200 crores.

There’s something called Swarm Intelligence. and it says, the community has an intelligence that is based on very simple basic behaviour of each individual. If individually we keep watching videos like the one below, then that’s what we are asking for. I hope, pray, nay – beg, we do not become a society demanding such content.

At the end of the show Karan Johar says, salute to the two actors – for it takes a lot of guts to take such public humiliation. (While they all obviously laugh away at ingenuity of gullible viewers).

But no, I disagree. Guts takes in what Sudha Murthy recounts of JRD Tata – an unknown female employee waiting at the company bus stand for her husband to return and pick her up. While the chairman of the company, obviously decades senior to her in age and position, gave her company for the next half an hour or so in wait for the husband – Narayan Murthy. When Mr. Murthy arrived, he politely chided – do not make your wife wait again. It’s impolite to make a lady wait.’

Getting your girlfriend publicly made an object is not guts Ranveer. You just sold yourself to a mirage of a career. 🙂


PS – This post generated significant comments, likes and dislikes on Facebook. You are welcome to share and see the original post and discussion here. Your thoughts are welcome


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