In pursuit of happiness

Today i am sitting at seville (well not today but i will) and drinking sangria from the home where it comes from in Spain, and i recall my childhood days running in a dilapidated house surrounding jamun ka ped, throwing stones to make them fall, and fall they would in the kichad below as it was barsaat, and washing them from a hand- pump and eating it raw with hands. I won’t say it was superior to the sangria or sth, and nor would I say sangria to be above that experience. Each moment is to be relished.

My philosohphy is if you can be happy each second of your life, be what it may, then the integration under the curve would say I had a happy life automatically. But if you hinge your happiness to a forward point, first the point never comes, kyunki ye dil always maange more, and second you lost the area of happiness that is just now. SO! just smile 🙂


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